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Frequently Asked Questions

How to pay for beats?

A PayPal account is not required to purchase beats. Although it is best to have one to speed up the process of purchasing a beat(s) you can still click the Paypal icon at the checkout section and fill out the credit/debit card form to purchase a beat(s).

How are beats delivered?

All beats are sent instantly through download. Trackout beats that are purchased will be delivered within 24-72 hours.

What does it mean to lease a non profit beat?

When you lease a non profit beat You will receive a tagless beat, and can use it for any use as long as NO profit is being made. Mixtapes, YouTube videos, etc. are allowed. Credit must be appropriately given to Max A Million for the instrumental. For more info on Leasing click here: Link

Whats a Standard Lease?

With a extended lease you can distribute 2500 units, perform at concerts, use for 1 commercial use only and I send you a high quality untagged .mp3 file. For more info on Leasing click here: Link

Whats a Extended Lease?

With a extended lease you can distribute 5000 units, perform at concerts, use for 1 commercial use only and I send you a high quality untagged .mp3 file. 

Whats a Unlimited Lease?

With a unlimited lease you can distribute unlimited units, perform at concerts, use for unlimited commercial use only and I send you a high quality untagged .wav file. 

What are track outs?

Trackouts are separate .MP3 files of each instrument in the beat. This allows an audio engineer to mix the beat precisely to the artist’s voice and add or remove anything they’d like. With the tracked out version you get 1 commercial use, be able to distribute 10000 units, and be able to download the 320 kbps tracked out .MP3 files. 

What are exclusive rights?

Exclusive Rights make you the sole owner of the beat. Publishing and composition rights to the instrumental part of the compilation still belong to Max A Million, but the purchased beat will no longer be sold and a link to the track outs and rights are sent to the buyer.

How much are exclusive rights?

Exclusive rights range from $199-$500 depending on the beat.

How do I purchase exclusive rights?

Contact me through my contact form and ask for exclusive rights to the beat(s) you want: or you can purchase through the player that provides prices for those beats.

Can I resell beats?

Tampering, stealing or re-selling beats on this site are strictly prohibited and will result in legal action. All beats are legally copyrighted under U.S. Law 2010 – 2015©

What can I do with free beats?

You can record on free beats but cannot sell them or use them for any sort of profit. That means performances, TV, radio etc. I offer free beats almost every month so that artists can get a chance to record on my beats. If you want to gain exclusive rights on these beats you can just purchase them in the Beat Store or Mobile Beat Store Subscribe to my Youtube Channel to be updated on all my new free beats! Link

Do you have any tutorials on making beats?

Not at the moment but I will soon. Stay Tuned.

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